Hotels are filling up. A trick is to call  30 days before you plan to stay. Rooms that have been "blocked" for weddings and such are released at the 30 day mark. Do it first thing in the morning of the 22nd if your still looking.

Host Hotel

Hilton Garden Inn Kent Island
1-877 782 9444
Group Code: VNCREG

Rooms have two queen beds

Hotel is 1/4 mile, as the crow flies from KIYC, 1 1/4 miles by car/foot

There are a few other options in the area on Kent Island

These hotels are off Kent Island which will require crossing the toll operated Chesapeake bay Bridge.  We looked at them as serious options from a price point of view, but the PITA factor of crossing the bridge on a weekend on season, and just the general condition/location of the hotel ruled them out for us.  Caveat emptor.


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